welcome to repaire de Mitzerlé !

Located at the foot of the Vosges, in the Saint-Amarin valley, come and discover our unusual gîtes and accommodation.

Come and recharge your batteries in the great outdoors, surrounded by our animals, facing a soothing landscape.

Hikers, cyclists and horse riders are welcome as well as your four-legged friends!

Mitzach and the region

Welcome to MITZACH, an enchanting village nestled in the heart of the Vosges, where every corner conceals treasures to discover. Start your day with a calming walk along the wooded trails, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding nature. Then, immerse yourself in the history of the village by visiting its historical monuments and picturesque sites, witnesses of a rich past. Finally, indulge in the region's authentic cuisine at one of the charming local restaurants.